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Sk8mafia hits the streets of SD. Watch this video, jock spots, and go skating. Featuring: Brandon Turner, Brandon Lefever, Dorian Gray, Jamie Palmore. Thug D, Ed, Marshall Heath, Andy Mack, Larelle Gray, Jimmy Cao, Peter Raffin, , Kellen James, and Marcus Allen. Music by: Eddie Rap life and Ray Jones Filmed by: Dan Connelly and Jimmy Kappel Edited by: Dan Connelly Follow us on insta.gram:  @kellensm4l  @therealsk8mafia  @caobron  @lord_pillage @larellegray @bturner_  @dc24sk8mafia  @jimkappel @preebz @smheath Follow us on twitter: @sk8mafia4life Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/SK8MAFIA/138592928940 Any questions regarding the brand info@sk8mafia4life.com

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